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Custom machine vision products

We offer a wide variety of machine vision cameras, lenses and lighting in our portfolio. Besides the standard computer vision product portfolio, we offer the possibility to customize machine vision products to specifically meet your requirements/needs. For some applications, a customized machine vision system is required. We offer customized cameras, lenses and lighting solutions so you could benefit from an improved performance, cost efficiency and scalability. Custom vision solutions offer you the flexibility to respond to changing project requirements. A customized machine vision product could also offer that one competitive advantage that you need for your product with specialized capabilities. Our machine vision experts are happy to help you find the customized solution for your vision system that meets your exact needs. Please get in touch via the following link for possibilities for customized machine vision products.


Custom machine vision cameras

Customizing your machine vision camera can unlock a variety of benefits for you specific machine vision project. We offer a broad portfolio of standard USB3 cameras and GigE cameras, however a custom machine vision camera could offer that one solution necessary to fulfil your specific project requirements. Whether it's to accommodate special lenses with non-standard specifications or adjust dimensions to fit in a limited space, we help you find the right customized vision camera. 

In addition, we also offer the customization option to rebrand the camera housing with your own brand logo or color and integrate unique features like ultra-short exposure times or specialized trigger functionalities. Besides the physical aspects of the camera, our flexible customization options include firmware modifications and complete rebranding packages. The total costs of customization vary based on the complexity of your requirements. Our goal is to provide cost-effective customization vision solutions that align with your budget and production volumes. With low Minimum Order Quantities, a customized machine vision solution offers a great solution for a variety of projects.

Custom machine vision lenses

When it comes to customizing machine vision lenses, similar advantages and considerations apply. Our extensive range of standard machine vision lenses can be adjusted to better fit your exact project needs. Customizing machine vision lenses allows you to precisely align with specialized camera requirements. Whether you need lenses that are designed for specific dimensional constraints or want to discover rebranding options to align with your brand identity, customized lenses could offer a great solution. As well, for the integration of specialized features like adjustable focal lengths or enhanced optical coatings, customization offers a custom approach to optimizing your vision system. 

Just like with customized cameras, we offer flexible options to customize our standard machine vision lenses, including changes to the physical lens features, firmware tweaks and even complete rebranding packages. Additionally, we provide transparent pricing structures and flexible minimum order quantities. This ensures that your customized lens solution is not only optimized for performance but also cost-effective, offering you the ability to scale according to your production needs.

Custom machine vision lighting

Customizing machine vision lighting is another important aspect in building a vision system. Our diverse portfolio of standard machine vision lighting solutions can be further improved by customization for unique project requirements. Some examples of custom solutions are adjusting the spectral characteristics to match specific material properties and designing specialized lighting geometries to illuminate challenging surfaces. You can also integrate features like adjustable intensity or synchronized strobing which ensures that you will achieve an optimal imaging results. Our custom lighting solutions helped customers to improve their inspection accuracy, enhance defect detection and streamline their machine vision processes for maximum efficiency and reliability.

Similar to customized cameras and lenses, we have a flexible and open approach to lighting customization to help you find what you are looking for. We could inform you about the possibilities of physical modifications, firmware adjustments and comprehensive rebranding options. Our transparent pricing models and customizable minimum order quantities ensures a cost-effective and scalable customized lighting solution for your project. 

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