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Industrial right angled camera for machine vision applications

Our industrial right angled camera is developed for machine vision / computer vision projects with limited installation space. The lens mount is 90-degree rotated, therefore a good solution in applications where there is little space in height. The total length of the lens and camera is shorter since the C-mount lens thread is located inside the right angled camera housing. A total reduction in height of 50mm is possible, because the cables are mounted on the side of the 90-degree industrial right angled camera.

Delivery time of a right angled industrial camera

Please note that 90 degrees right angled cameras have a longer delivery time than our standard cameras. The delivery time is 6-10 weeks. For new projects we advise to start the development with the standard industrial camera version to speed up your development. Our standard industrial camera can be delivered within 1-2 days (with express handling option) instead of the 6-10 weeks for the 90 degree right angled industrial camera.



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