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Customized, rebranded or whitelabel industrial cameras

GeT Cameras offers customized, rebranded and whitelabel industrial cameras. We will analyse the requirements of your system, determine the best price possible and make a proposal within 1-3 working days. Minimum order quantity for customization starts with just 10 pieces, depending on the type of customization.
Please contact us to discuss your project for customized, rebranded or white label industrial cameras, lenses and lightning.

Whitelabel versus Rebranding an industrial camera

A whitelabel industrial camera (unnamed camera) is our industrial camera with a black housing. The black housing has no logo on it. When the camera is installed the end-user can't see the camera brand. The whitelabel camera still has a typesticker on the bottom that reveals the exact modelnumber of the whitelabel camera. Additionally it is possible to remove the manufacturer name and model number in the firmware of the whitelabel camera, so the software application only recognize a camera model name that is defined by you.
We can also rebrand the industrial camera. Then your logo will be printed on the camera housing and your company name can be the manufacturer name in the firmware. As a result, when the customer connects the camera, the software will detect a camera with your brandname and modelname. We make whitelabel and rebranding of our industrial cameras already available for low quantities and at minimal extra fees.


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