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Industrial F-mount / M42 mount lenses for Machine Vision

We sell industrial lenses with F-mount / M42 mount developed for machine vision cameras. Image sensors up to 35mm and 4K line scan sensors are supported. These 29 MP lenses are suitable for both very high resolution (29 MegaPixel) and 4k line scan cameras. Our industrial F-mount / M42-mount lenses have better optical performance than consumer SLR lenses. Due to industrial grade, our lenses can withstand industrial conditions and are available for a long time. Use our lens calculator to determine the correct focal length for your F-mount / M42-mount lens.



Why buy an industrial F-mount lens?

In high-end machine vision applications, cameras with F-mount are often used. An F-mount lens has a much larger diameter than a C-mount lens. The result is that an F-mount lens can illuminate a larger sensor than a C-mount lens. C-mount lenses can illuminate up to 4/3 inch sensors, while an F-mount lens can illuminate 35mm sensors. If we translate the sensor sizes into diameters, also called image circle, then a C-mount lens has a maximum image circle of 21.5mm (4/3 ”sensor), while an f-mount lens has a minimum image circle of 43mm (suitable for 35mm sensors). The image circle of the F-mount lens is twice as large, which is why the F-mount lens is suitable for very large image sensors.

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