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SWIR lens

A SWIR lens is used when you need to capture images across shortwave infrared (SWIR) wavelengths. A Visible+SWIR type of lens allows for the simultaneous imaging of scenes or objects in both SWIR and visible light which enables applications such as multispectral imaging, where information from different parts of the spectrum is utilized.

Our SWIR lenses are designed to match our SWIR Cameras. They come in different focal lengths, making it simple to choose the right one for your needs. Pairing them with our cameras ensures high quality imaging results. 



What is SWIR?

The visible spectrum of wavelengths ranges from 400nm to 780nm. The spectrum of wavelengths from 780nm to 1000µm is known as infrared light. SWIR light is also known as Short-Wave Infrared light, this refers to the infrared wavelength spectrum close to the visible light which ranges from approximately 900nm to 2500nm. Unlike visible light and thermal infrared light, SWIR occupies a unique middle ground. Sensors used in SWIR imaging usually cover the range from 900nm to 1700nm. This spectral range is characterized by its ability to penetrate certain materials and atmospheric conditions. SWIR imaging offers distinct advantages in imaging applications for high-resolution images, such as silicon wafer inspection. 

SWIR Lenses

When using a SWIR camera, it is crucial to select a lens that is compatible and optimized for the SWIR wavelength range.  Using a standard lens designed for the visible spectrum can result in less resolution and  lower quality images. Our lenses are designed with materials optimized for high performance in the SWIR spectrum and maximum transmission on SWIR wavelengths.
Our C-mount SWIR lenses are designed to meet the durability and reliability requirements of industrial environments. They are built to withstand challenging industrial conditions.
  • The wavelengths range for SWIR lenses covers 900nm to 1700nm
  • The wavelengths range for Visible+SWIR lenses covers visible light + SWIR, from 400nm to 1700 nm. 

SWIR lens product life cycle management

The SWIR lens series is sold in large numbers and will be produced for a long time. Almost every lens model that has been added to our portfolio since our start, still remains in stock. We understand the importance of planning, and therefore, we proactively inform customers about upcoming End-of-Life (EOL) for any SWIR lens. A final notification ensures you can place a last-time buy order. Even after EOL, production restarts are always a possibility, with a minimum order quantity (MOQ) of only 300 pieces.

Quality control & warranty of SWIR lenses

Ensuring the quality of SWIR lenses requires a meticulous, multi-step process. It all begins with strict inspections of incoming materials. The production line itself is meticulously prepared, including checks on worker safety equipment and thorough equipment cleaning.

Throughout production, each step adheres to a rigorous protocol. Inspections are done both visually and with the aid of specialized tools to guarantee the adherence of these standards. Every lens undergoes a final inspection to confirm that it meets both optical and mechanical requirements. Additionally, sample lenses are checked again before shipment.

This comprehensive approach ensures that all aspects of production are documented in detailed reports. Any SWIR lens that falls short of the established quality standards at any point is flagged as non-compliant. Corrective actions are then taken to ensure both the quality of the specific batch and the overall production process. This continuous monitoring safeguards the quality of SWIR lenses, from the raw materials used to the finished product delivered to you.

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