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M12 and S-mount lenses for industrial cameras

Buy M12 / S-mount lenses that are designed for industrial cameras for fair prices. All our M12 lenses support relative large image-sensor. Supported image sensor size varies between 1/2" and 2/3". The M12 Lens resolutions can be up to 16MP. The low priced M12 lenses have distortion that is visible, but in many applications it's acceptable. The higher priced M12 lenses are Non Distortion lenses. If you need a M12 lens that is not available in our webshop, please contact us. We can deliver many other S-mount and M12 lenses.

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How to use a M12 lens with an industrial C-mount camera?

M12 lenses are not designed for C-mount cameras. They are designed for Boardlevel cameras with M12 mount. The main differences are the diameter of the mount and the distance from the back of the lens to the image sensors. The difference in diameter thread is easy to solve using an adapter. C-mount lenses have a fixed distance from c-mount to the image sensors. This is not the case for M12 lenses. Each M12 lens can have a different distance from the back of the M12 lens to the images sensor. The exact distance also depends on the focus position. The closer you focus with a M12 lens, the larger the distance from the back of the m12 lens to the image sensor. Often we see that M12 lenses hit the protective cover glass of our industrial camera, making them unsuitable for c-mount cameras. Therefore we have carefully tested all our M12 lenses to be 100% sure that our M12 lenses are compatible with C-mount cameras. We have developed a special C-mount to M12 adapter to make sure you can use all our M12 lenses on our C-mount cameras.

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