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Industrial C-mount lens

The advantages of a C-mount lens are:
  • Suitable for all our image-sensors;
  • You can set the aperture (iris);
  • You can set the focus;
  • Screws to fix securely the iris and focus position;
  • You can easily and securely mount the lens;
  • The lens is very light sensitive.
The only disadvantages of this lens is the size (relatively large) and the price. This lens is the most expensive version of machine vision lenses that you can mount on an industrial vision camera.

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Lens Shock & Vibration test

The industrial c-mount lens for Machine Vision applications is tested on shock and vibrations. The lens is designed with glasses that are fixed with a pressure ring. Lenses are tested under the following conditions:
  • Vibration testing: a generated sine wave with an amplitude of 1.5mm and a frequency of 10hz-55hz will shake the lens for 25 minutes in three perpendicular directions
  • Drop test: The lens, packaged in the standard package, is dropped 5 times, each from 1 corner, 3 edges and 6 sides at a height of 1m on a rigid surface (steel plate)
For machine vision applications where the lens might vibrate, we advise to use blue Loctite® glue to be sure that the lens locking screws for focus and aperture will not vibrate or loosen up.

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