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This page contains the SDK and user manuals of the cameras. Every manual includes electrical and mechanical specifications, optical characteristics and a trouble shooting section. The SDK (Software development kit) contains a viewer application, drivers, manuals, help files and also example programs. If you have additional questions, please send an email to sales(at)


Machine Vision Camera Brochure

A complete overview of all machine vision cameras, sensors and specifications are listed in the Daheng Imaging Camera Brochure -> Daheng Imaging Camera Brochure 2019-06

Programming drivers and manuals Daheng Imaging

Windows programming guides + examples C | C++ | DotNet | Python | Directshow  -> download

Windows SDK (including Directshow) -> download SDK Galaxy V1.3.1909.09171 Win EN

Linux SDK for X86 for USB3 and GigE -> download Linux X86 GigE and USB3 SDK V1.1.1908.9162

Linux SDK for ARM for USB3 and GigE -> download Linux ARM GigE and USB3 SDK-v1.2.1908.9301

Linux Python SDK for USB3 and GigE -> Linux Python SDK v1.0.1905.9081

Android SDK for USB3 -> Android USB3 SDK v1.2.1907.9101

Mechanics | Cables

3D STEP Files USB2, USB3 and GigE camera -> download 3D STEP Files USB2, USB3 and GigE

Datasheet cables -> download datasheet of GigE, USB3, USB2 and I/O cable


Sensor size :
Objectwidth / horizontal FOV (mm) :
Workingdistance (mm):

Calculated focal length of lens:

Calibration Lens | Camera

Camera Testchart -> Camera Testchart

Lensdistortion Testchart ->Checkerboard-pattern-V1.pdf