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Computer vision software for image processing

Industrial cameras are used with computer vision software to process images and automate processes. The computer vision software controls the industrial camera to capture an image and it will use algorithms to detect important parameters in the image. This can be the position of a product, the quality of a product, detecting the type of product, reading DMC codes and so on. A computer vision software package has a large “toolbox” with many algorithms to choose from.


Software Development Kit (SDK)

The software development kit contains sample programs to write your own computer vision software program. It forms the basis for controlling the industrial camera. With the help of the sample programs you can easily take and save images and change camera parameters. Then you can add your own algorithms to create your own computer vision program.

Aurora Vision Computer Vision Software

Aurora Vision is a leading player in the field of computer vision software. They develop computer vision software to easily write your own software for automating projects. With Aurora Vision software, computer vision integrators can quickly and easily solve automation projects.

2nd Look recording software

2nd Look software is not computer vision software, but recording and diagnosis software. This means that you can easily record images from industrial cameras 24/7 with this software. You can then review these recordings for analysis.

Open source computer vision software

Open source software is free computer vision software. One of the most important packages is OpenCV. This open source software package is often used in OEM projects where computer vision is applied.

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