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VA11-GIP-H265-2.1MP-CP2-3.3MM, Industrial IP Camera

2MP Industrial IP Camera front VA11-GIP-H265-2.1MP-CP2-3.3MM 2MP Industrial IP Camera VA11-GIP-H265-2.1MP-CP2-3.3MM 2MP IP Camera back VA11-GIP-H265-2.1MP-CP2-3.3MM 2MP IP Camera Mechanical Drawing 2MP IP Camera VA11-GIP-H265-2.1MP-CP2-3.3MM
2MP Industrial IP Camera front VA11-GIP-H265-2.1MP-CP2-3.3MM 2MP Industrial IP Camera VA11-GIP-H265-2.1MP-CP2-3.3MM 2MP IP Camera back VA11-GIP-H265-2.1MP-CP2-3.3MM 2MP IP Camera Mechanical Drawing 2MP IP Camera VA11-GIP-H265-2.1MP-CP2-3.3MM
VA11-GIP-H265-2.1MP-CP2-3.3MM, Industrial IP Camera
2MP IP Camera with a fixed focal length of 3,3mm

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The VA11-GIP-H265-2.1MP-CP2-3.3MM is a 2MP industrial IP camera with Full HD resolution of 1920x1080 pixels and comes equipped with a fixed focal length lens of 3,3mm. This versatile camera offers a variety of features including the PoE technology that simplifies your setup by requiring only one network cable for both power and data transmission. It also features:
  • 2 Megapixel 1/2.8" SONY CMOS image sensor
  • Max. 1920x1080 (Full HD) @ 30fps
  • Digital 8x zoom (ePTZ)
  • Conformant with ONVIF : Profile-S
  • Windows based IP Manager
  • Minimum working distance: 400mm
You can find all the technical specifications for the 2MP IP camera on our Download page.

Industrial IP Camera: Compact design, powerful performance

The industrial IP camera offers a more compact solution than an average security camera, dimensions of 52x58.2x50mm and weight of only 200g. This miniature camera has a video framerate up to 30fps at 1920x1080 resolution. Up to four simultaneous streams are available. This industrial IP camera supports simultaneous streaming in H.264, H.265, and MJPEG formats, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of surveillance systems. Each video stream can be configured with individual resolution, quality, and frame-rate settings. With independent frame rate and bandwidth control you can choose between Variable Bit Rate (VBR) and Constant Bit Rate (CBR) options. The 2MP IP camera provides you with the freedom to prioritize either image quality or bandwidth efficiency.

Most common applications for using the industrial IP camera

The VA11-GIP-H265-2.1MP-CP2-3.3MM is ideal for a variety of indoor applications, including:
  • Monitoring Processes: Monitor manufacturing processes to ensure they are running smoothly and identify potential issues in real-time. Enhance quality control with the industrial IP camera by visually inspecting products on the production line.
  • Monitoring Equipment: Monitor the condition of machinery and equipment to detect malfunctions or signs of wear. Implement predictive maintenance strategies based on visual data to reduce downtime.
  • Inventory Management: Use this industrial IP camera to track and monitor inventory levels in warehouses and storage areas. Integrate with inventory management systems for accurate and real-time tracking.
  • Traffic Management: Monitor and manage vehicle and pedestrian traffic within industrial facilities. The industrial IP Camera helps you improving logistics and optimize transportation routes for efficiency.
  • Surveillance and security: Monitor critical areas, entrances, and perimeters to enhance overall security. Deter theft, vandalism, and unauthorized access by providing real-time surveillance.

Easy integration and remote monitoring

Compliant with ONVIF Profile S/T standards, easy integration with other IP surveillance systems is guaranteed. The industrial IP Camera offers a unified and efficient security solution. Take charge of your surveillance setup with the Windows-based IP Manager, allowing easy configuration of the camera settings for a tailored experience. The configuration of the IP camera is done via a web interface and does not require Software Development Kit (SDK). By typing in the IP address of the camera in the browser, the industrial IP camera can be controlled immediately. 

Industrial IP camera with PoE

The  2MP IP camera has a RJ-45 (10/100Base-T) interface and is powered over ethernet (PoE). Power over Ethernet (PoE) is designed to provide both power and data communication over a standard Ethernet cable. This reduces the amount of cables and installation time. The industrial IP camera should be connected to a PoE Switch like our 4PoE Ports switch. It is also possible to use a PoE injector or PoE frame grabber. More about using Power over Ethernet with a GigE Camera can be read in our Knowledge Center article via the link.

Advanced features of the industrial IP camera 

This versatile 2MP IP camera excels in capturing clear images across a spectrum of lighting conditions. Its Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) ensures optimal performance in both bright and dark areas, providing unparalleled clarity. Additionally, the Defog feature effectively minimizes fog and haze from images which effectively enhancing visibility. Equipped with advanced 2D and 3D Noise Reduction (NR) features, the 2MP IP camera reduces image noise, delivering crisp and sharp visuals. The IP camera offers a range of White Balance options, including: Automatic, Outdoor, Shade, Clear Sky, Fluorescent light, Light bulb (Incandescent Light), and Manual modes. It also includes choice of Automatic and manual Exposure mode which the camera adapts to in diverse environments, making it an ideal solution for surveillance in areas with varying lighting conditions.

Industrial IP Camera Warranty & Product life cycle management 

Unlike traditional surveillance cameras, this 2MP IP camera is designed for an extended product life cycle of at least 5 years. This IP camera, featuring the latest technology, offers a prolonged and reliable service compared to conventional surveillance solutions.

Customization for IP camera

The VA11-GIP-H265-2.1MP-CP2-3.3MM has a 3.3MM fixed focal length and fixed focus on infinity and is also available with other configurations. For example, a focal length of 6MM for this 2MP camera is optional with a minimum order quantity of 25 pieces. If more resolution is needed, a 5MP version can be delivered starting with a minimum order quantity of 25 pieces. Other customizations, like changes to the housing or individual product numbers etc. are possible for order quantities of 100 pieces and more. Contact us for more information about the customization of this industrial IP camera.

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