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Custom machine vision light

Custom machine vision light
Custom machine vision light
Custom machine vision lighting for vision projects that call for special dimensions, wavelengths or other special requirements. Available for low quantities.

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Why customize a machine vision light?

We offer a large portfolio of machine vision lighting. In addition to the options that are available in our standard lighting portfolio, we also offer custom machine vision lighting. In special circumstances using a custom machine vision light could offer several advantages for your vision project. These are a few reasons why it may be beneficial to customize your machine vision lighting:
  • Light with special wavelength: A special wavelength of custom lighting can offer significant advantages over the standard white, red, green or blue lighting in various applications. For projects involving fluorescence, reflections or multi-layer structures, a custom wavelength light could offer a suitable solution.
  • Light with special dimensions: Most of our machine vision lights are available in a range of different dimensions. When a vision application requires a specific size light, we offer the possibility for customized lighting with your preferred dimensions. For example, when your vision system has limited space for the lighting, a custom light with smaller dimensions offers a great solution.
  • Light with special power output: For optimizing the performance of the standard machine vision lighting that we offer, the option is available to choose a custom power output. For example, for vision systems with limited space but require maximum light output.
  • Light with special opening angle: Using a custom vision light can be highly beneficial when a specific opening angle is required to match the unique field of view and working distance of a vision system.
  • Other special requirements: We have mentioned a few examples of reasons why it may be beneficial to use a customized light instead of standard lighting. Get in touch for the possibility of any additional special application requirements, for example a specific voltage.

Typical customizations of machine vision lights

First, when it comes to customizing machine vision lighting, a common request is the requirement of a special wavelength. Whether it’s a specific wavelength like 785nm or a specific range of nanometers, such as 700-720nm. In these vision systems, our custom lighting solutions can fulfil the exact wavelength that is required for your application.

Another customization option that we offer is for specific dimensions of the machine vision lighting. We understand that each application may have unique housing constraints, which is why we can customize the dimensions of our lights to fit perfectly within your setup. This ensures a seamless integration and optimal performance. In addition, achieving the maximum light output is crucial for some vision applications. That is why we provide customization options for special power output. By specifying the maximum size available in your housing, we can customize the lighting to deliver the exact intensity you need, ensuring optimal illumination for your vision system.

Lastly, optimizing the opening angle of the lighting could be essential for achieving uniform illumination across your field of view. With our customization options, we can customize the opening angle according to your specific working distance, thus enhancing image quality and accuracy.

Considering custom lighting for your machine vision application? Contact us to discuss your requirements and explore how we can provide custom solutions that can improve the performance of your vision system. Whether it's a specific wavelength, opening angle or any other special requirement. We are here to provide the perfect lighting solution for your application.

How much does a customized light cost?

The price of a customized machine vision lighting depends on the level of customization that is required and the volume that you require. Typically, the first sample of a custom light has a price of € 1.000 - € 5.000. When the serial production of your custom light begins, due to the higher volume the price of the machine vision lighting will most likely significantly decrease. This reduction can even lead to a better price per piece than the standard lighting that we offer in our portfolio. 

How many lights do I need to order for a customized light?

The minimum order quantity for a custom machine vision lighting depends on the level of customization that is required to meet your specific needs. For some customized machine vision lights, the Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) is only 10 pieces. Customized lighting can already provide a good solution for both large projects and small projects (just 10 pieces per year).

Get in touch for all lighting customization possibilities!

Would you like to know more about customizing your machine vision light? Or do you have any questions or do you require a quotation? We’re here to help optimize your vision system, so don’t hesitate to reach out by filling in this form. We're committed to providing you with the perfect customized light solution.

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