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Custom machine vision camera

Custom machine vision camera
Custom machine vision camera
Custom machine vision cameras for vision projects that require special dimensions, special features or rebranding. Available for low quantities.

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Why customize a machine vision camera?

We feature many different machine vision cameras in our product portfolio. Aside from the options available in this standard portfolio, in special circumstances using a custom machine vision camera could offer several advantages for your vision camera project. These are a few reasons why it may be beneficial to customize your machine vision cameras:
  • Camera for special lenses: Some machine vision lenses have non-standard specifications such as a different camera mount, different optical requirements or other dimensions. For these special lenses, a standard machine vision camera does not offer a sufficient solution. We could produce a custom camera that perfectly aligns with your special lens. 
  • Camera Rebranding: We offer many options for rebranding your machine vision camera, such as customized cameras without a logo or with your own brand logo on the camera housing. In advance, the firmware of the camera can be frozen or customized with your own part number and vendor name. These customized camera options are explained more broadly in the next paragraph: ‘Rebranding your machine vision cameras’.
  • Special camera dimensions: Most of our vision cameras have a size of 29x29mm. When different dimensions are required, we offer customized cameras with your preferred size. For example, when your vision system has limited space for the camera, a custom camera with smaller dimensions offers a great solution. 
  • Special camera features: Sometimes you need a feature that is not by default available on our cameras, for example an ultra-short exposure time of 1us. This is a feature that is available for some of our camera models, but we could port this feature to all camera models as long as it features a sensor that supports the specific function. Another example is adding a complete new feature that allows you to generate multiple images with different settings while using a single trigger.

Rebranding your machine vision cameras

First, it is possible to have a machine vision camera without a logo on the camera housing. The custom camera housing will have a black colour. This is already possible for small camera orders of only 50 pieces! Secondly, we can offer you a machine vision camera with your own brand logo on the camera housing. Your own logo will be shown in white on a black camera housing. We also offer customized options for a different housing colour. The option to customize your machine vision camera with your own company logo on the camera housing  is available for orders of just 200+ pieces. Would you like to have a special mount for your machine vision camera? That is also possible for low quantities (M.O.Q of 50-100 pieces, depending on request and camera type). Examples of special camera mounts are M14 and micro four thirds.

Not only can we customize the camera housing, we can also offer you a custom machine vision camera with your own custom firmware part number. When you plug the camera into the pc, both your own part number and company name will be shown in the device manager. The minimum order quantity for the custom firmware part number is 100-200 pieces. Besides customizing the firmware of the camera, it is also possible to freeze the camera firmware. We can imagine that once you have tested the camera, you would like to keep the current firmware. In that case, it could be frozen so that it will not be updated to the latest firmware anymore. Freezing your firmware is possible for a minimum of 100 cameras. 

Would you like to have a fully rebranded package? We also offer the possibility for you to rebrand the machine vision camera housing, firmware and additional custom part number stickers. These stickers will be visible on the camera as well as the camera package. A completely customized camera has a minimum order quantity of 600 pieces.

How much does a customized camera cost? 

The price of a customized machine vision camera depends on the level of customization that is required and the volume that you require. Some basic customizations, such as custom firmware or frozen firmware, may be provided free of charge if you commit to a certain volume of orders. In other cases, the standard price of the customized vision camera could slightly increase to facilitate the changes. For instance, our existing customization options start as low as only 12 euros extra per camera. For more complex customization needs where specialized components or extensive engineering work is required, a one-time fee may be charged. The custom camera price depends on the complexity of customizing the machine vision camera. 

How many cameras do I need to order for customization?

The minimum order quantity for a custom machine vision camera depends on the level of customization that is required to meet your specific needs. For some typical customizations of machine vision cameras, the Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) is the following:
Customization option  Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ)
Special camera mount  50-100 pieces (depends on request + camera type)
No logo on camera housing  50 pieces
Your own brand logo on camera housing  200 pieces
Customized firmware  300 pieces
Frozen firmware  100 pieces
Fully rebranded camera  600 pieces

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