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World Creativity and Innovation Day 2021

The United Nations marks April 21st as World Creativity and Innovation Day. World Creativity and Innovation Day originated in 2002 because both creativity and innovation have been acknowledged as true wealth of nations in the 21st century.

Creativity and innovation are the cornerstones of the digital revolution which characterizes itself by technology quickly advancing and replacing older tech at an exponential rate. During World Creativity and Innovation Day we would like to thank all of you, who use our industrial cameras to create awesome vision solution all around the world.

It excites us that our customers find many creative ways to use our machine vision products. You inspire us to push ourselves to create affordable and unique machine vision components to make your workflow easier and quicker. We have designed some products ourselves:

Machine vision camera enclosure

We have recently developed a Machine vision camera enclosure with unique, creative features that makes protecting your industrial camera and lens easy and affordable. This IP67 tested enclosure has a modular concept. The length of the lens tube is adjustable by adding or removing 15mm tube rings. We provide two 15mm rings with every enclosure, but if more rings are required, we can provide more.

Secondly, you get three adapter plates with each housing so that not only Daheng Imaging cameras fit the housing, but also cameras from other brands like Basler, Flir, AVT, IDS and many other camera brands who have a 29x29mm camera model. See the product page for more information about the adapter plates and which camera models fit.

Waterproof termination on the cables makes it possible to use our standard USB3, GigE and I/O cables. We have creatively eliminated the use of expensive IP67 cables / grommets and connectors.

The lens tube has been designed to have a bayonet fitting. This enables you to open and close the lens tube with a small twist. You can change the lens settings, without having to dismount and open the complete enclosure. There are many more innovative features designed in the camera housing. Check the product page to read more about this product.

C-mount to M12 adapter

We know that there are many ways to use an M12 lens on a C-mount camera. We were definitely not the first one to design an adapter which can hold a M12 lens in position. What we did revolutionize is a simple system which can lock the M12 lens in place while still being able to focus the lens in the adapter.

The idea for the M12 adapter came from years of experience with M12 lenses used in strict space / budget machine vision projects. Using an old-fashioned adapter ring can cause the M12 lens to slightly change its position, especially in vision projects where there is any kind of vibration. This results in the lens getting out of focus and unsharp images.

By creating a system of two rings with locking screws you can lock the M12 lens in the lens holder, focus the lens and lock the lens holder in the adapter providing a solid mechanism for the M12 lens. Check the product video to see how our M12 to C-mount adapter is an innovative and affordable solution to use M12 lenses on a C-mount industrial camera.

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Online machine vision store

GeT Cameras was founded on the beliefs that acquiring machine vision components should be easier and better priced. Those believes are the foundation of our online store. Our extensive product information and knowledge center are examples of how we provide you with all the information on forehand, so you can make an informed decision about the machine vision hardware you require.

We enable you to order machine vision cameras online. The prices of our cameras, lenses, lights and accessories are directly available for each product without having to create an account. Thanks to our business model we reduce unnecessary costs, so we can offer you the absolute best price for a single order camera. We are always happy to help selecting the most suitable and affordable products for your application. The customer rating of 9,3 denotes customer satisfaction.

How creative are you?

Are there any machine vision struggles you have where a creative solution would be helpful? We would love to discuss it with you. Make sure to contact us and share your creativity throughout the whole year. Happy World Creativity and Innovation Day everyone and thank you for being innovative.

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