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Industrial single board cameras for embedded vision

Our industrial USB3 single board cameras for embedded vision are available online. Boardlevel / PCB cameras are suitable for product developments that require a single board camera module with small formfactor and low price. These board level cameras have a USB3 interface for power, communication and image transfer. A separate connector provides an input and output to sync multiple boardlevel cameras, hardware trigger the cameras or control external lighting. Board level cameras are often integrated into our customers product, like Ophthalmology devices, ANPR cameras, handheld devices, metrology devices and digital microscopes. Please contact us to discuss your project that requires an industrial USB3 single board PCB camera.



When should I use an embedded vision camera module?

Embedded vision is the use of industrial camera modules inside a finished product. The camera modules are the eyes of the product and therefore a very essential part of the total product solution. Our customers use our single board level camera modules because of:
-    Shape, our single board level cameras are very compact.
-    Stereovision. We have special board level cameras developped for stereo vision applications. You can connect multiple image sensors to a single USB3 Vision board
-    Option to customization. On customers request we can change the formfactor or add additional features to the embedded vision camera modules.

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