VEN-134-90U3C-D, Dual Head, 1280x1024, 90fps, 1/2", Global shutter, CMOS, Color

* USB3.0 Interface * Board Level * Up to 3 sensor heads *

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•Ultra small and flexible
•1/2" Global Shutter Color CMOS sensor
•Compatible with GenICam™ and USB3.0 Vision®
•USB3.0 Interface
•1.3 Megapixels
•2 sensor boards
•Very attractive price

The VEN-134-90U3C-D camera is DAHENG's first board level camera and it is a color USB3.0 Vision board level camera with two Onsemi PYTHON 1300 CMOS sensors. There are three connection ports in the main board and each sensor board can be freely connected to one of three ports by FPC cable, more flexible for installment and suitable for more applications. Furthermore, the VEN-134-90U3C-D camera is powered over the USB3.0 interface. The camera has a good performance but with a competitive price.
The VEN-134-90U3C-D board level camera is especially designed for binocular vision applications such as handheld 3D scanner, desktop 3D scanner and so on.

•Mini USB3.0 interface with 10-bit or 8-bit Mono output
•Programmable AOI, increased frame rate with partial scan
•Gain and exposure programmable
•Adjustable URB
•Software reset function
•Storable user sets
•Hot plugging available
•FPC cables extension can be put in both sides or the same side
•Support embedded operating system Linux , Android and NVIDIA Jetson TX1
•Support hardware trigger and software trigger
•The length of FPC cable can be extended up to 460mm
•Compatible with GenICam™ and USB3.0 Vision®, can be used in a wide range of 3rd-party software such as HALCON and LabVIEW
•PC with Intel Core 2 Duo, 2.4GHz above and 2GB above memory is recommended
•Free SDK and examples for various programming tools
•Regulations: CE, RoHS, GenICam, USB3.0 Vision

Performance settings:
Model: VEN-134-90U3C-D
Interface: USB3.0
Resolution: 1280 × 1024 × 2
Frame rate: 90 fps
Sensor: 1/2", Global Shutter CMOS
Cell size: 4.8 μm × 4.8 μm
Spectrum: Monochrome
Power requirement: 5 VDC via USB cable
I/Os: 2x GPIO (user selectable input or output)
Data interface: USB3.0
Power consumption: <3.5W @5V
Operating temp.: 0°C ~ +45°C
Storage temp.: -20°C ~ +70°C
Operating humidity: 10% ~ 80%
S/C Mount Optional

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