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M12 and S-mount lenses for industrial cameras

We offer M12 lenses / S-mount lenses designed for industrial cameras at competitive prices. All our M12 lenses support relatively large image sensors. The supported image sensor size varies between 1/2.3" and 2/3". M12 lens resolutions can be as high as 16MP.

Low-priced M12 lenses may have visible distortion, but this is acceptable for many applications. Higher-priced M12 lenses are non-distortion.

If you cannot find an M12 lens in our webshop, please contact us. We can supply many other S-mount and M12 lenses.

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How to use a M12 lens with an industrial C-mount camera?

M12 lenses are not directly compatible with C-mount cameras. M12 lenses are designed for board-level cameras with an M12 mount, while C-mount lenses are designed for industrial cameras. There are two key differences:

  1. Mount diameter: An adapter can address the difference in mount diameter between M12 and C-mount.
  2. Flange focal distance (FFD): C-mount lenses have a fixed FFD (distance between the lens mount and the image sensor). M12 lenses, however, have a variable FFD that changes with focus setting. This variation can cause M12 lenses to hit the protective glass on C-mount cameras, preventing proper focus.

To address this incompatibility, we have carefully tested all our M12 lenses to be 100% sure that our M12 lenses are compatible with C-mount cameras. In addition, we offer a specially designed C-mount to M12 adapter. This adapter ensures proper spacing between the M12 lens and the image sensor in a C-mount camera, allowing you to use our M12 lenses with your C-mount cameras.

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