Our machine vision cameras have 3 different type of interfaces. Each interface has their benefits.

USB2 Camera

The USB2.0 camera interface is the cheapest and easiest to use of all 3 options. Nevertheless, bandwidth and cable length are limited. USB2.0 cameras are ideal for applications which require a maximum of 1.3MP at 30fps or 5MP at 7fps, with a cable length that does not exceed 5 meters.

USB3 Vision Camera

The USB3.0 camera interface is the fastest interface with the highest bandwidth we support, and it uses the least amount of computer processor power out of the 3. Therefore, it is ideal for high resolution and high-speed imaging. The cable length on the other hand, is limited to 4.6 meters. More information about the USB3 Vision camera protocol is available in our blog.

GigE Vision Camera

The GigE camera interface is often used in machine vision applications, which require longer cable lengths (>5m). Bandwidth is average (between USB2.0 and USB3.0). This makes it ideal for most machine vision applications. Both 20MP sensors with low framerates as low-resolution cameras with high framerates are available with GigE.

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