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Home Industrial-camera GigE-Camera MER-1070-10GM-P, MT9J003, 3840x2748, 10fps, 1/2.3", Rolling shutter, CMOS, Mono

MER-1070-10GM-P, MT9J003, 3840x2748, 10fps, 1/2.3", Rolling shutter, CMOS, Mono

MER-1070-10GM-P, MT9J003, 3840x2748, 10fps, 1/2.3", Rolling shutter, CMOS, Mono

* GigE Interface * With PoE * 38.3x29x29mm *

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GigE Vision Camera


The Mercury GigE camera series is an industrial vision camera, with a GigE interface. GigE is the most common interface used for cameras in traditional machine vision applications. The camera is available with and without Power over Ethernet (PoE).
This model is interesting for you when your application complies with the following conditions:
-    An industrial camera
-    Maximum cable length of 100 meters
-    Inexpensive and easy installation of cables
-    Only one cable is required to connect the device (in case of PoE)
-    Dimensions are: 29x29x29mm (without PoE), 29x29x38 mm (with PoE)
-    Optional hardware triggering

If more details are required, the manual can be consulted.

Specification MER-1070-10GM-P

Color/Mono Mono
Resolution 3840x2748
Sensor Type MT9J003
Optical Size 1/2.3''
Pixel Size 1.67um
Frame rate 10fps
Shutter type Rolling Shutter
ADC Bith Depth 12bit
Pixel Bit Depth 8bit, 12bit
Shutter time 42us~1s
Digital gain 0dB ~ 25.9dB
Pixel Data Formats Mono8/ Mono12
Synchronization Hardware trigger, software trigger
I/O 1 opto-isolated input line and 1 opto isolated output line, 2 GPIO
Operating Temp. 0??45?
Operating Humidity 10%?80%
Power Consumption <3W @ 12V
<3.75W @ PoE
Lens Mount C
Dimensions 38.3x29x29mm
Weight 75g
Software Windows XP/7/8/10 32 and 64 bit
Data Interface Fast ethernet (100Mbit/s)
Gigabit Ethernet (1000Mbit/s)
Programmable control Image size, gain, Exposure time, Image size, trigger polarity, flash polarity etc.
Conformity CE, RoHS, GigE Vision, GenICam



Monochrome Camera


A black and white camera, also known as a monochrome camera, offers advantages in a variety of applications. While the market for security and telephony focusses on color cameras, the industrial market utilizes the advantages of black and white cameras. Black and white cameras are very light sensitive, provide sharp images and reduces data compared to color. This makes it ideal for the processing of images. By selecting the right color as your light source and lens filter, a black and white camera can utilize the product its characteristics. Hereby men can create images with a large contrast and a high resolution.




Power over Ethernet (PoE) for GigE is designed to provide both power and data communication over a standard Ethernet cable. This reduces the amount of cables and installation time, in applications that do not require a hardware trigger or I/O. When I/O is required in an application we advise to supply the camera via a I/O connector. The camera’s power usage is larger when using Power over Ethernet than via the I/O connector. The camera will generate extra heat when using PoE. A PoE GigE camera is larger than the version without PoE. An extra PCB is needed to separate the power of the Ethernet signal, and to convert the voltage to a lower voltage. Extra hardware is needed, which makes it more expensive than the version without PoE. The advantage of PoE is that installation is easier because less cables are required.


Information sensor manufacturer


(Please note that not all sensor features may be implemented)
MT9J003 1/2.3?Inch 10 Mp, CMOS Digital Image Sensor. General Description: The ON Semiconductor MT9J003 is a 1/2.3-inch CMOS active-pixel digital imaging sensor with an active pixel array of 3856 (H) x 2764 (V) including border pixels. It can support 10 megapixel (3664 (H) x 2748 (V)) digital still images and a 1080 p (3840 (H) x 2160 (V)) digital video mode. It incorporates sophisticated on-chip camera functions such as windowing, mirroring, column and row skip modes, and snapshot mode. It is programmable through a simple two-wire serial interface and has very low power consumption. The MT9J003 digital image sensor features ON Semiconductor’s breakthrough low-noise CMOS imaging technology that achieves near-CCD image quality (based on signal-to-noise ratio and low-light sensitivity) while maintaining the inherent size, cost, and integration advantages of CMOS. When operated in its default 4:3 still-mode, the sensor generates a full resolution image at 15 frames per second (fps) using the HiSPi serial interface. An on-chip analog-to-digital converter (ADC) generates a 12-bit value for each pixel. Features: 1080p Digital Video Mode, Simple Two-wire Serial Interface, Auto Black Level Calibration, Support for External Mechanical Shutter, Support for External LED or Xenon Flash, High Frame Rate Preview Mode with Arbitrary Down-size Scaling from Maximum Resolution. Programmable Controls: Gain, Horizontal and Vertical Blanking, Auto Black Level Offset Correction, Frame Size/rate, Exposure, Left–right and Top–bottom Image Reversal, Window Size, and Panning. Data Interfaces: Parallel or Four-lane Serial High-speed Pixel, Interface (HiSPi) Differential Signaling (Sub-LVDS), On-die Phase-locked Loop (PLL) Oscillator, Bayer Pattern Downsize Scaler, Integrated Position-based Color and Lens Shading Correction.



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