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GigE camera for machine vision

GeT Cameras sells GigE cameras up to 65MP for industrial, OEM and machine vision applications. Our low prices are visible for each GigE camera and you can buy them directly online. The industrial GigE cameras are available with various CCD and CMOS sensors of well-known brands such as Sony, Sharp, Aptina and OnSemi. The sensor is integrated in a compact aluminium GigE camera housing.

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What is a Gigabit Ethernet camera and what is PoE?

Gigabit Ethernet, in short GigE, is the most common interface for connecting a vision camera in machine vision applications. PoE stands for Power over Ethernet. This means that the network cable works as communication and as power supply for the camera. Gigabit Ethernet cameras are used in factories for product quality inspections and automating processes. The Gigabit Ethernet camera provides RAW image over a network cable to the computer. Next, the image-processing software on the computer analyses these images. The result of this process determines what comes next. For example, controlling a robot or separating good from bad products.

What is an IP camera or Ethernet camera?

An IP camera is a synonym for a Ethernet camera. These are mostly used for security purposes. The images that are transmitted over the network cable are compressed. This means that relatively little storage is needed to save these images. However, these compressed images also lack in detail, which is crucial for machine vision applications. There also is a relatively big delay in capturing and receiving the image and Ethernet cameras cannot be triggered precisely. You should also keep in mind that IP camera models are updated constantly, without prior notice. Older versions are not available anymore. Daheng Imaging only makes industrial Gigabit Ethernet cameras for machine vision and industrial applications.

What is a Gigabit Ethernet camera?

GigE cameras are designed to send RAW image data to a computer as quickly as possible. This data is uncompressed, and image-processing software is able to conduct very precise analyses. The Gigabit Ethernet cameras can be controlled precisely down to microseconds. The cameras are of industrial quality. Every model of Daheng Imaging is available for at least 7 years. As a result, machine builders can assemble the exact machine for multiple years. They do not have to worry about the selected Gigabit Ethernet camera not being available anymore.

What are the benefits of a GigE camera versus a USB camera?

The biggest benefits of a Gigabit Ethernet camera in respect to a USB2 or USB3 cameras are the cable length, the price of the cable and the ease of installing an ethernet cable. GigE cameras have the following features:
•    No Frame-grabber", which allows for a lower price;
•    High data speed till 100 MB/s (USB2=40MB/s | USB3=400MB/s);
•    A long cable length up to 100 meters long;
•    A standard interface , which is suited for almost every pc hardware;
•    The option to supply the camera with power via the data cable (PoE – Power Over Ethernet);
•    An existing network infrastructure which can be used easily;
•    Simple integration with all image processing applications.

2.5GigE Cameras

The 2.5GigE interface provides a significant advantage over 1GigE cameras by offering increased bandwidth. This translates to 2.5 times faster framerates, all without affecting the camera's size or Power over Ethernet (PoE) capabilities.

GigE Vision and Software Development Kit (SDK)

Daheng Imaging’s industrial GigE cameras are GigE vision compliant. The GigE Vision standard is based on the European Machine Vision Association’s GenICam protocol. This allows GigE Vision compliant Ethernet cameras to communicate with all standard image-processing software programs. Examples of commonly used image-processing software programs are Matlab, Halcon, Adaptive Vision and Labview. We also supplies a free SDK (download page) for our Gigabit Ethernet cameras. With the use of this SDK, you can simply operate the camera, capture images and modify parameters. Programmers can easily implement our Gigabit Ethernet cameras into their own software program.

Good support during GigE cameras implementation

We do not only supply industrial cameras of Daheng Imaging, but also provide excellent support. If you may encounter any problems or have questions regarding connecting one of our cameras, you can be directly assisted by one of the engineers of Daheng Imaging. If you encounter any problems or have questions regarding connecting one of our cameras, you can ask for assistance from one of the engineers of Daheng Imaging. Are you considering buying a GigE camera from Daheng Imaging, would you like some more information about our Gigabit Ethernet cameras first? We're happy to help you and answer all of your questions.

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