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Machine Vision Applications


Pharmaceutical industry is a quality critical industry because it has a close tie with peoples life and health. Vision inspecting system is often applied on the assembly line. The typical inspected objects usually include capsule, injection, bubble cap, label of the package etc. 
All Daheng Imaging cameras undergo thorough critical tests to ensure that they can meet the industrial and professional requirements under the tough conditions. Pharmaceutical production usually does not take place in a comfortable lab, but reliable inspection results in a tough environment are a guarantee for the drug quality. To get the reliable inspection results, Daheng Imaging cameras offer outstanding quality images with high-performance digital interfaces, as well as rapid trigger respond can ensure capture very precisely, furthermore, trigger signal filter function ensures that only the right pulses are inputted into the camera. No wrong image and no missing image are the most important keys for the vision system in pharmaceutical industry. Daheng Imaging cameras are just good at that. 

MER-131-210U3M and MER-502-79U3M of MERCURY family have many characters such as high speed, precise capture, plug and play, stable mutil-camera running and so on. All these make them become engineers favorite cameras in the inspection system.  

Daheng Imaging Cameras are well suited to the quality Inspection in pharmaceutical industry, because of their features: 
- High frame-rate  of USB3.0 model  
- Outstanding image quality 
- Light weight and small size 
- Capture the instant very precisely  
- Work perfectly in the tough environments 
- Stable multi-camera running