LCM-12MP-1140MM-F1.6-1-LD1, LENS Varifocal C-mount 12MP 11MM-40MM F1.6 1"

1" 12MP Varifocal c-mount lens. Focal length from 11MM up to 40MM. F1.6 LOW DISTORTION

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The LCM-12MP varifocal series are ultra high resolution (up to 12MP) lenses designed for cameras with a 1" sensor or smaller, to create sharp images. The low F number makes it a very light sensitive lens, ideal for low illumination situations due to short exposure times or poor light conditions. It's a varifocal lens, therefore you can mechanically zoom in / zoom out to have the right field of view in every circumstance. The iris and focus are adjustable and can be fixed by a screw.  All datasheets can be downloaded in our download area.

Model LCM-12MP-1140MM-F1.6-1-LD1
Resolution 12 MegaPixel
IR Corrected Yes
Image format (inch) 1”
Focal length (mm) 11mm - 40mm
Aperture (Close) F1.6 Manual Iris
Minimum Object Distance (M.O.D) 250cm
Dimension Ø 66 x 98.07mm
Distortion < 5%
Mount C
Weight 560 grams
Remarks Varifocal