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Home Lighting Powersupply / light controller, 2 Channels, 48V/135W

Powersupply / light controller, 2 Channels, 48V/135W

Powersupply / light controller, 2 Channels, 48V/135W
Powersupply / light controller, 2 Channels, 48V/135W
2-Channel 48V / 135W power supply for 48V machine vision light. Light intensity and trigger control for each channel.

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Two channel powersupply / machine vision light controller, to independently control the light intensity of 2 different machine vision lights. The powersupply has a 240V input and 2x 48V output channels. It can deliver 135Watt in total. Both channels can be triggered seperatly.
This powersupply is ideal for adjusting the power of your industrial 48V machine vision light.

How to trigger the light

The light can be triggered using the Triggering ports on the LED1-PSC3-15048-2-LS. Triggering the LED light instead of leaving it continuously on will increase the life span of the LED light. Each light channel can be triggered separately. The intensity of the light can be controlled by the rotary knob. 


Model LED1-PSC3-15048-2
Liminous method Steady light / Trigger light
Drive method Constant current
Dimming method Adjust current
Number of channels 2 Channels
Total output power 135W
Input voltage power AC 100V - 240V
Trigger function Workable
Trigger input voltage DC5 - 24V
Output voltage DC 48V
Lighting delay 50us MAX
Brightness adjustment 0 - 255 adjustable
ID identification Automatic identification
ID setting Software settings (0-99)
Controller fan The control board starts to work when the temperature is higher than 55°C, the fan stops when the temperature is lower than 45°C, and an error occurs when the temperature is higher than 85°C
Error detection display E01: Controller over temperature protection E02: Light over-current protection E03: Light over-temperature protection E04: Light temperature control failure E05: Controller temperature control failure
Weight (kg) 2
Dimensions (mm) 138x228x123
Operating environment Temperature - 10~50°C Humidity 20~85%RH (no frost)
Storage environment Temperature -20~60°C Humidity 20~85%RH (no frost)
Cooling method Natural air cooling
Material & surface treatment SPCC surface painting treatment
Communication method option RS-232/EIA-485 (two ways optional)

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