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30-50% cheaper than competitors Strong industrial camera portfolio Excellent support Certified by TÜV Rheinland 3 Year warranty


* Industrial cameras * Excellent support * Certified by TÜV Rheinland *

Mission GeT Cameras

“ We would like to contribute to the development of technology
Thanks to our smart business model we make the use of a machine vision camera affordable
We offer our industrial camera for a fair price in our online store.”


Why choose GeT Cameras as your vision camera supplier?

Our industrial cameras are on average 30 to 50% cheaper than comparable products, due to our smart business model, which for example includes low margin per product. We offer a single industrial vision camera at a low price, because we believe that you will order more vision cameras in the future from us. Our Unique Selling Points are:


Strong portfolio & low prices

We have more than 200 different machine vision cameras, starting at € 98,-- per piece. Our range of industrial cameras varies from high resolution 31-megapixel to high-speed industrial cameras with 860 fps. We make use of well-known image sensors from brands like Sony, Sharp and OnSemi. We have CMOS and CCD image sensors. Our machine vision cameras have a USB2, USB3, GigE, 5GigE or 10GigE Vision interface. They work with X86, X64, ARMv7 and ARMv8 pc’s and embedded boards. We have SDK’s available for Linux, Windows and Android.


Excellent support

We have detailed technical information of our industrial camera products on our website available. If you have technical questions about connecting one of our vision cameras you can receive direct support from one of the engineers of Daheng Imaging. We understand that good technical support is important for strong customer relationships. You cannot get any better support than the support of engineers who developed the camera. When you send an email to isupport@get-cameras.com it will be automatically directed towards Daheng Imaging and GeT Cameras. We monitor the conversation to ensure you receive the best support you can get.


Industrial quality & longevity

Daheng Imaging tests every industrial camera before leaving the factory, whereby quality is guaranteed. The vision cameras have to withstand a 7-day aging test in warm and cold temperatures and a 72 hour during full load test. This allows GeT Cameras and Daheng Imaging to offer a 3 year warranty. The industrial cameras are CE certified by TUV Rheinland, making sure we meet and exceed the European quality standards. Daheng Imaging has a proven track record of product life cycle management (longevity). At this time it is still possible to buy the first developed machine vision camera of Daheng Imaging. Therefore, is Daheng Imaging not only well-recognized in the market, but is also a prominent supplier of industrial cameras.
Reliability test

Why switch to another manufacturer?

  • Pay less for an industrial camera of similar (European) quality
  • A warranty of 3 years instead of the industry standard of 2 years
  • You will receive direct support from the vision camera manufacturer Daheng Imaging instead of support from a distributor
  • Our cameras have the newest sensors implemented and we have a very large product portfolio
These are all reasons to switch from your current supplier to Daheng Imaging cameras. You can order our vision cameras in our online webshop. Most of the industrial cameras are in stock in the warehouse in China. After ordering you can expect your vision camera to be delivered within 2 to 3 weeks. Do you have an emergency? Faster deliver is also possible for an additional fee.

Questions about our vision cameras

We are looking forward to help you. Answers to the most frequently asked questions can be found on the FAQ page or in the manuals of our machine vision cameras on the download page. If you require technical support for you industrial camera, you can contact us on the support page. If you require sales support regarding the vision cameras and accessories you can consult the contact page or send an email to cs(at)get-cameras.com. We are looking forward to help you.