BP450 optical lens filter for machine vision camera
LFT-BP450-M35.5, Narrow bandpass filter, 450nM peak wavelenght, useful range between 338-470nM

Narrow bandpass filter, peakwavelenght @ 450nM, useful range between 438-470nM

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The narrow bandpass filters are used in combination with a machine vision camera and lens. Each machine vision lens has a filter thread to mount a bandpass filter. At the peakwavelength the transmission is above 90%. At the useful wavelength the transmission is above 80%. These bandpass filters are used to remove unwanted light frequencies, resulting in a more stable and sharper image.


Specification Bandpass filter:

Filtertype Narrow Bandpass
Mounting Thread M35.5xP0.5
Peak wavelength 450nM
Peak wavelength color BLUE
Usefull wavelength range 438-470nM