Mechanical Drawing LCM-TELECENTRIC-0.367X-WD184-1.3
LCM-TELECENTRIC-0.367X-WD184-1.3, Telecentric C-mount Lens, magnification 0.367X, sensorsize 4/3"

Telecentric LENS C-mount, Magnification 0.367X, WD184, max sensorsize 4/3"

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The LCM-TELECENTRIC series are high resolution lenses designed for accurate measurement applications. Its proprietary features can recognize the characteristics of integrated circuits, glass, LCD panels, etc., in order to facilitate automated high-speed operations. The serie has multiple magnifications and workingdistances to assure the right field of view can be met for each application.

Model LCM-TELECENTRIC-0.367X-WD184-1.3
Resolution 5 MegaPixel
IR Corrected no
Image format (inch) 4/3”
Magnification 0.367X
Aperture (Close) F11
Working Distance (W.D.) 184mm
Dimension Ø 67 x 227.3mm
Distortion < 0.1%
Mount C
Coaxial light input No
Field of View (F.O.V.) 43x32mm