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Home Industrial-camera USB3-Camera MER-502-79U3M-POL, IMX250 Polarization, 2448x2048, 79fps, 2/3" Global shutter CMOS, Mono

MER-502-79U3M-POL, IMX250 Polarization, 2448x2048, 79fps, 2/3" Global shutter CMOS, Mono

MER-502-79U3M-POL, IMX250 Polarization, 2448x2048, 79fps, 2/3" Global shutter CMOS, Mono

* USB3.0 Interface * 3 year warranty * Certified by TÜV Rheinland *

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USB3 Polarization Camera

The USB3.0 Polarization camera is an industrial vision camera, with an USB3.0 interface. In our whitepaper about USB3 polarization camera you can find more information about the benifits of an industrial polarization camera.

This model is interesting for you when your application complies with the following conditions:
-    An industrial camera
-    Polarization
-    Maximum cable length of 4.5 meters
-    Only one cable is required to connect the device
-    Dimensions are: 29x29x29mm
-    Suitable for PC’s and embedded platforms: ARM V7 & ARM V8
-    Optional hardware triggering

If more details are required, the manual can be consulted.

Warranty & Product Life Cycle

Daheng Imaging produce yearly more than 100.000 industrial cameras according to the highest quality standards. The industrial cameras are certified by TÜV Rheinland and have a 3 year warranty. After market introduction, every camera model is at least available for 7 years. Most cameras have even a much longer product life cycle. For more information about our product life cycle management, check this article.

Monochrome Polarization Camera

The MER-502-79U3M POL camera is a polarization camera with the Sony IMX250MZR CMOS sensor, and capture image of four different light directions simultaneously. Polarization camera can inspect reflective surface such as glass, metal which are difficult for monochrome or color camera. In our whitepaper about USB3 polarization camera you can find example images taken with this camera.

With I/O  

The I/O connector from a USB camera is an 8 pin HR25 Hirose connector, which is a standard in the industrial machine vision market. This camera has an input that can be used as a hardware trigger for the device. The output of the camera can be used to trigger a light source, for example: LED. Furthermore, the camera has two GPIO’s (General Purpose Input/ Output) which can be programmed by using our SDK. The electrical diagrams to use the I/O connector are provided in the manual.
Information sensor manufacturer
(Please note that not all sensor features may be implemented)
Our polarization camera with the Sony IMX250MZR image sensor uses a 3,45µm pixelsize and has a total resolution of 5.07 MegaPixel. The polarization camera has a polarizer filter which is a four-directional polarizer placed on the photodiode of the image sensor. This means that this polarized camera is able to capture a four directional image in one shot. And calculates the angle and direction of polarization based on the intensity of every direction of polarization. The filter incorporates a 2x2 pattern, where every pixel has a filter with a different angle. Whilst using polarized light the only portion of light perpendicular to the angle of the filter will pass.
Polarization filter angles
Summarized, the polarization filter characteristics are:
-    When the filter blocks light at a 90º angle, it passes 0º through the filter.
-    When it blocks light at a 45º angle it passes 135º through the filter.
-    When it blocks light at an 135º angle it passes through 45º the filter.
-    Finally, when it blocks lights at an 0º angle it passes light through a 90º angle.
The model of our polarization camera is MER-502-79U3M POL. It has a USB3 interface, a 2448(H)x2048(V) resolution, 79 fps, 2/3”, Global Shutter, and a 3,45µm x 3,45µm cell size.


Frame rate
Pixel Size
Sensor Type
Sony IMX250
Optical Size
Shutter Type
Global Shutter
Shutter time
ADC Bith Depth
Pixel Bith Depth
8bit, 10bit
Digital gain
Pixel Data Format
Mono8 / Mono10
Hardware trigger, software trigger
1 opto-isolated input line and 1 opto isolated output line, 2 GPIO
Operating Temp.
Operating Humidity
Windows / Linux / Android
Power Consumption
RoHS, CE, FCC, USB3 Vision, Genicam

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