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Machine vision market & applications

NEW Custom machine vision lens filters

  Machine Vision Specialist     05-11-2023  

NEW Custom machine vision lens filters We have expanded our lens filter portfolio with many new custom-made lens filters for your machine vision application. Choose from a wide variety of lens filters such as longpass, bandpass and polarizing filters:  Lens filter portfolio . What are machine vision lens filters? Lens filters can be used to improve the quality and accuracy of your image processing. We offer a variety of filters, each serving a different purpose. For example, bandpass filters are being used when only a specific wavelength should pass the light filter. Each special filter allows a specific range of wavelengths to pass and block. These could be used in applications where for example glare reduction, colour correction or UV/ IR filtering is required.   How to order your lens filters? 1.    Go to our  custom lens...

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Protect your hardware with our newest waterproof aluminium camera enclosure

  Machine Vision Specialist     19-10-2023  

Protect your hardware with our newest waterproof aluminium camera enclosure Protect your machine vision camera against moisture and dust with GeT Cameras’ newest aluminium camera enclosure .   Why is it important to protect your machine vision hardware? With an industrial camera enclosure, your machine vision solution will be more robust. A camera enclosure protects your machine vision cameras and lenses from harsh environmental conditions. Water and dust can damage your camera and taint the image quality. A camera enclosure provides a protective barrier which prevents the camera from damage.  Features of the GeT Cameras aluminium camera enclosure •    Designed to comply with IP67 standards •    Supports machine vision cameras (29x29mm) from a variation of well-known manufacturers •    The modular...

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Smart camera vs. PC-connected industrial camera


Smart camera vs. PC-connected industrial camera Are you looking for the right camera system for your industrial automation or visual inspection application? GeT Cameras offers a wide portfolio with more than 200 industrial cameras.  Our cameras should be connected with a cable to a PC. Compared to smart cameras, industrial cameras are a better solution. There are 3 main advantages:  1.    Cost-effective solution PC-connected industrial cameras offer a much more affordable solution, especially for projects where multiple cameras are being used. Our PC-connected industrial cameras start at € 115 per piece. In contrast, smart cameras often come with a high price tag because of their specialized hardware. 2.    Rapid image processing When it comes to image processing, an industrial PC is much more powerful than a smart camera. PCs have...

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New aluminium camera enclosure


New aluminium camera enclosure   The machine vision camera is a crucial part of industrial automation and protecting your camera in harsh environmental conditions is of great importance. IP67 water and dust proof enclosure Water and dust can not only damage your machine vision camera, but also taint the image quality. GeT Cameras has developed a fully aluminium IP67 camera enclosure. This camera enclosure will make your machine vision camera IP67 proof while using GeT Cameras’ standard cables. There is no need for expensive cables with IP67 plugs. Price / Quality ratio This aluminium enclosure costs € 299 and just like other GeT Cameras products it has the most competitive price on the machine vision market. Harsh environmental condition damage will no longer damage your machine vision camera or corrupt the image output. The lens settings...

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Penn Electric Racing - GeT Cameras collaboration

  Customer Service & Penn Electric Racing     23-01-2023  

Penn Electric Racing - GeT Cameras collaboration Penn Electric Racing is a student run organization dedicated to building electric racecars. Every year, the team competes with other student-built racecars in the Formula SAE , an international competition for university teams to design and manufacture the best performing racecars.   Their ambition is to gain experience and compete in the autonomous competition in the future as well. To achieve these ambitions, Penn Electric Racing reached out to GeT Cameras. They were looking for compact industrial cameras online and came across our global shutter MER2-160-227U3C with the SONY IMX273 image sensor. Sponsorship Penn Electric Racing got in touch with GeT Cameras because of the clear website and competitive pricing. “GeT Cameras had the camera prices displayed on the website which was nice for orientation. Because of...

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GeT Cameras official Member of A3 Automate

  Customer Service     11-01-2023  

GeT Cameras official Member of A3 Automate GeT Cameras is officially a member of the Association for Advancing Automation (A3). A3 is North America’s largest automation trade association with a focus on Machine Vision. GeT Cameras is now part of the 1,100 members of the A3. What does A3 do? A3 sponsors trade shows, conferences, and other networking events. It collects industry statistics; generate market research and they develop market standards and certifications. A3 host the Automate Show in Detroit, USA and The Vision Show in Boston. Both shows display many machine vision products and competences. We are happy to meet you on these trade shows to discuss your products and show you our strong and reliable industrial cameras.   

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Upcoming Machine Vision Exhibitions 2023

  Customer Service     21-11-2022  

Upcoming Machine Vision Exhibitions 2023 GeT Cameras attends multiple machine vision exhibitions and trade fairs ever year. This year we will be able to meet with you and discuss camera requirements for machine vision applications at 5 different exhibitions. SPIE Photonics West 28 January – 2 February | San Francisco, CA - United States of America Meet our Philadelphia office on their first trade fair at SPIE Photonics West. We will be displaying our latest camera models, lens portfolio and machine vision lights. Our booth number is 158! Automate Detroit 22 May – 25 May | Detroit, MI - United States of America For the first time, GeT Cameras will attend “Automate” in Detroit, MI. We hope to meet you there and talk to you about industrial automation. Vision, Robotics & Motion 7 June – 8 June | Den Bosch, The Netherlands...

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GeT Cameras official member of SPIE

  Customer Service     21-09-2022  

GeT Cameras official member of SPIE SPIE (the international society for optics and photonics) is a non-profit organization dedicated to advancing the scientific research and engineering applications of optics and photonics. From now on GeT Cameras is officially a member of SPIE. What does SPIE do? Founded in 1955, SPIE has the advancement of light-based technologies as purpose. They achieve this by interdisciplinary information exchange and educating by hosting and sponsoring of technical forums, trade shows and educational programs. They will host the SPIE Photonics West vision fair. GeT Cameras will exhibit at this vision fair in San Francisco, California from January 31st until the 2nd of February.  

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Upcoming machine vision exhibitions 2022

  Customer Service     14-02-2022  

Upcoming machine vision exhibitions 2022 Now that the situation regarding the pandemic seems to be improving, we are able to meet you at some exhibitions this year. We hope to see you there.   UKIVA Machine Vision Conference 2022 April 28th, Milton Keynes, UK Last time we were going to be exhibiting the UKIVA Machine Vision Conference, the event got cancelled due to the global pandemic. This year we are optimistic that we have a shot at redeeming ourselves. Come find us the 28th and see our newest machine vision cameras on display Vision, Robotics & Motion 2022 June 8th & 9th, Den Bosch, NL At Vision, Robotics & Motion 2022, themes like vision, optics, robotic, motion control and data science are getting highlighted. Vision 2022 October 4th, 5th &6th, Stuttgart, DE Last year, we were happy to be able to go to the Vision Conference in...

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World Creativity and Innovation Day 2021

  Customer Service     20-04-2021  

World Creativity and Innovation Day 2021 The United Nations marks April 21 st as World Creativity and Innovation Day . World Creativity and Innovation Day originated in 2002 because both creativity and innovation have been acknowledged as true wealth of nations in the 21 st century. Creativity and innovation are the cornerstones of the digital revolution which characterizes itself by technology quickly advancing and replacing older tech at an exponential rate. During World Creativity and Innovation Day we would like to thank all of you, who use our industrial cameras to create awesome vision solution all around the world. It excites us that our customers find many creative ways to use our machine vision products. You inspire us to push ourselves to create affordable and unique machine vision components to make your workflow easier and quicker. We have designed some...

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Formula Electric driverless competition

  Team GeT Cameras     03-06-2020  

Formula Electric driverless competition . Formula Electric Belgium is preparing for driverless competition with dual head stereo vision camera from GeT-Cameras. Competition The Formula Electric Belgium team, consisting of 25 Belgian university students, are building their first autonomous Formula car. In the previous years, the team joined in the electric competition along with more than 50 other competitors. This year they decided to enroll in the autonomous competition once more to inspire people with the possibilities of electric and driverless cars. Their Formula racecar competes in multiple disciplines, acceleration, grip strength and endurance. With exactly 1000 collectable points, the team strives to win this year’s competition. For acceleration, the car has to get from standstill to the 75-meter finish line as quickly as possible; Next,...

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Upcoming Exhibitions 2020

  Team GeT Cameras     30-03-2020  

Upcoming Exhibitions 2020 One of the Key values of GeT-Cameras is contributing to technological projects by offering fair priced machine vision and provide you with excellent service. To show our devotion to this key value we would like to meet you on the following Machine Vision events: UKIVA: 14 May 2020 (Cancelled) Due to the rapidly spreading COVID-19 virus, the organisation of UKIVA has announced to cancel this congress. This means that we will not be meeting you the 14 th of May. Luckily, there is still a chance to see the presentation of our managing director Gaspar van Elmbt. We will be uploading this presentation to the technology presentation hub of UKIVA, and on the 14 th of May, this presentation will be visible for your viewing. The presentation is also available here . Vision, Robotics & Motion...

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  Vision Camera Specialist     24-07-2019  

Machine-Vision-Applications Machine Vision Application in the Pharmaceutical Industry Pharmaceutical industry is a quality critical industry because it has close ties with people's life and health. A Vision inspecting system is often applied on the assembly line. The typical inspected objects usually include capsule, injection, bubble cap, label of the package and etc. All Daheng Imaging cameras undergo thorough critical tests to ensure that they can meet the industrial and professional requirements under the tough conditions. Pharmaceutical production usually does not take place in a comfortable lab, but reliable inspection results in a tough environment are a guarantee for the drug quality. To get the reliable inspection results, Daheng Imaging cameras offer outstanding quality images with high-performance digital interfaces , as well as rapid trigger...

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Quality mark to safely purchase machine vision cameras online

  Vision Camera Specialist     21-11-2018  

Quality mark to safely purchase machine vision cameras online Quality mark to safely purchase machine vision camera s online GeT Cameras, the webshop for industrial machine vision cameras , is now associated with the webshop quality mark WebwinkelKeur and EMOTA (European eCommerce & Omni-Channel Trade Association). This is beneficial for both GeT Cameras and for you as our customer. With this quality mark we are creating a trustworthy environment for the purchase of a machine vision camera. Namely, the quality mark offers different guarantees and the option for you, as the customer, to leave a review about your experience with our machine vision camera and our services. Your opinion about our machine vision camera is valued As aforementioned gives the quality mark the option to the customer to leave his/ her review regarding our services and their experiences with our machine...

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How the European Vision camera market got disrupted

  Vision Camera Specialist     17-10-2018  

How the European Vision camera market got disrupted Many years the European camera manufacturers dominated the machine vision camera market worldwide. Time is changing and Chinese camera manufacturers are entering the European market. Only a few Chinese camera manufacturers, like Daheng Imaging , can offer high quality products for a low price. European vision camera manufacturers can’t compete on price because the Chinese camera manufacturer have the following competitive advantages: No overhead features. Most Chinese vision cameras have standard features like exposure, gain, white balance control, etc, but no advanced features like pixel binning and skipping. By reducing the amount of advanced features, less development time and less expensive FPGA's (Hardware) is needed. This results in lower cost price per camera Scale of Economy. China is the largest...

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