LCM-10MP-08MM-F1.4-1.1-LD1, LENS C-mount 10MP 8MM F1.4 1.1" LOW DISTORTION

LENS C-mount 10MP 8MM F1.4 for max sensorsize 1.1" LOW DISTORTION

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The LCM-10MP series are ultra high resolution (up to 10MP) lenses designed for cameras with a 1.1" sensor or smaller, to create sharp images. The low F number makes it a very light sensitive lens, ideal for low illumination situations due to short exposure times or poor light conditions. The serie has multiple focal lengths to assure the right working distance can be met for each application. The iris and focus are adjustable and can be fixed by a screw.  All datasheets can be downloaded in our download area.

Model LCM-10MP-08MM-F1.4-1.1-LD1
Resolution 10 MegaPixel
IR Corrected no
Image format (inch) 1.1”
Focal length (mm) 8mm
Aperture (Close) F1.4 Manual Iris
Minimum Object Distance (M.O.D) 10cm
Dimension Ø 60 x 85mm
Distortion < 5.5%
Mount C
Weight 200grams